Agenda 5th May 2022 Annual council meeting

Thornton Le Fen Parish Council
MONDAY 05th  May 2022 – Annual council meeting

You are hereby summoned to a meeting of the above-named Council which will be held in Gipsey Bridge Methodist chapel on the 5th of May at 7:30pm. Following on from the annual parish meeting at 7pm. 
Public and Press are welcome to attend. 
FITHTEEN minutes are allocated if needed prior to official meeting; for members of the public to ask questions or make short statements to the council. 

Clerk to the council: Sarah- Louise Kulwicki                    Dated:29/04/2022

1. Election of Chairman, signing of declaration of acceptance of office.
2. Election of Vice Chairman, signing of declaration of acceptance of office.
3. Apologies for absence and reasons given
4. Declarations of interest in accordance with the 2000 local government Act 
5. The notes from the meeting of the Council held on Thursday 6th January 2022 (attached) to be approved as Minutes and signed by the Chairman
6. The co-option of any potential candidates present 
7. Reports from Police and District/ County Councillor if present. 
8. Broadband- Fibre scheme to be discussed (offer expired) 
9. Queens Jubilee – Donation 
10. To consider and approve the following payments
a) LALC Annual Subs- £140.20
b) ICO Data protection - £40.00  
c) Clerks Salary and working from home - £172.45
d) HMRC PAYE – £28.80 (no payment needed account in credit)
e) Zurich - £180.39
f) ELDC Precept overpayment refund to ELDC - £1,231.00
11. Planning Application/s
a) Canister Lane 
12. Correspondence for the Council
13. Highways Matters
14. Reactive Speed sign – Data update 
15. To confirm the date of the next meeting of the Council - The date of the next meeting is scheduled for 7th July 2022 at 7.00 p.m. in the Chapel of the Methodist Church. 
16. Any other matters for discussion only or on the next agenda